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Professional Development Recommendations

Students are encouraged to create a professional development plan and intentionally incorporate career exploration and development into their time at UC San Diego.  Below are tips based on academic year.

1st Year (Freshmen)

  1. Get involved with one of the preprofessional student organizations (TREO, YPS, ARCH, etc).  
  2. Create and update a LinkedIn profile and connect with your instructors, guest speakers, and classmates.
    1. Add the USP Department LinkedIn page to your education in addition to UC San Diego
  3. Start learning about career opportunities related to your area of study including career paths, resources, job titles, post-bachelor's education, and potential employers.
    1. RED Career Exploration 
    2. USP Career Exploration

Sophomores & Juniors (Including Junior Transfers)

  1. Create your resume and meet with the Career Center and Jennifer to review it. 
    1. Need a resume template and tips? Request one with this form. Be sure to list relevant course projects!
  2. Start thinking about internships: What kind of internships are you interested in? What companies/organizations are you interested in? Where can you fit this in your schedule? Try to complete one internship during your junior year or summer before senior year.
  3. Conduct informational interviews to help you answer career questions you may have and learn about career paths. 


  1. Complete an internship during your final academic year if possible.
  2. Get involved with professional associations such as NAIOP, APA, ULI, CREW for the education, networking, and mentoring opportunities.
  3. Participate in a mentorship program. Utilize the mentoring programs NAIOP and SDAPA offer or connect with a mentor through Tritons Connect or with a Triton alum via LinkedIn.
  4. Polish your application materials and create your job search plan if looking for full-time employment after you graduate. Meet with Jennifer to discuss this or attend one of her workshops. Aim to start applying to positions 2-3 months before you will graduate.