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Internship and Job Boards

Knowing where to look for posted internships and job opportunities is an important part of your search strategy. 

There is no standard protocol companies follow when posting jobs and there is no one website where all internships and jobs are posted.  Some organizations may post to Indeed and LinkedIn, some may post to professional association websites, some may only post to their company’s website, or simply share the opportunity in a LinkedIn post.  For that reason it’s good to check multiple sources and let your network know what you are looking for.  Your network includes your classmates, family, friends, internship supervisors, mentors, instructors, career advisors, etc.

#1 Resource for RED & USP students and recent alumni:

The USP Blog's subpages for Internships and Full-Time Jobs

  • All RED & USP students and recent alumni should bookmark the USP Blog and check it weekly as part of their internship/job search.  Subscribing to the blog will not notify you of updates to the Internships and Jobs subpages, so be sure to manually check it.
  • How do opportunities get posted to the blog? There are three main ways:
    1. Faculty, alumni, and industry connections send announcements to the department's Industry Liaison Coordinator
    2. The Industry Liaison Coordinator hears about opportunities from connections within industry and being subscribed to job email lists.
    3. The Industry Liaison Coordinator and Student Assistant conduct web round ups where they scour the websites below for opportunities that would be of interest to USP/RED students and post them to the blog ~every two weeks from February-September during peak internship/job search time.  Note: Web round ups on focused on California opportunities.

Non-industry specific websites

  • Handshake Use for on-campus jobs; better for internships than jobs but has both.
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn Jobs - Log in and click on Jobs in top menu
  • City of San Diego InternshipsCity of SD offers a variety of internships students in both majors/minors may be interested in.
  • UCSD Academic Internship Program (AIP)
  • If interested in any specific medium to large size companies or government agencies you may be able to go to their jobs page and subscribe to be emailed new job alerts.

Real Estate related websites

Planning related websites

Additional websites of interest