About the USP Program

USP Students in the Field

Founded in the 1970s, the Urban Studies & Planning (USP) Program is one of the leading interdisciplinary undergraduate programs at UC San Diego. 

It currently has 28 regular and affiliated faculty members representing a variety of backgrounds, approaches, and disciplines. 

The USP Program is widely acknowledged to be one of the best in the nation, based upon the caliber of its faculty and graduates as well as its comprehensive set of courses and rigorous requirements. 

USP draws from the various social science disciplines as well as arts and humanities, the natural sciences, and management. The curriculum focuses upon regional planning and policy issues, and real estate and development, particularly in the San Diego/Tijuana cross border region, and encourages students to think creatively and holistically across academic divides. 

In June of 2017 the USP Program received approval to add a new major and minor degree to its curriculum. Commencing in Fall Quarter of 2018, UC San Diego undergraduates will be able to pursue a B.S. in Real Estate and Development (RED). A minor in RED is also available. The RED degree is the first of its kind in the UC system and is designed to provide students with knowledge about the nexus between real estate finance and development, data analysis, urban planning and design, environmental regulations, and new technologies.

The USP Program provides all of its students with a solid liberal arts background as well as the analytical and technical skills needed for successful graduate study and professional work in a number of fields. USP graduates have gone on to the nation's leading graduate and professional schools and to illustrative careers. USP majors pursue graduate study in planning, real estate and development, public policy, law, architecture, public administration, medicine, and public health.

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