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Resume Template and Tips Request Form

USP/RED students and alumni can request an easy to use resume template geared towards students and recent graduates along with an accompanying tip sheet with this form.   After completing a full draft of their resume students should have a professional review of their resume by the UCSD Career Center. Students can also request a secondary review of their resume by USP's Director of Industry Relations and Student Professional Development after they have met with the Career Center for an initial review.  

This template was created with feedback from Triton alumni and industry professionals familiar with the USP/RED programs who were engaging with UCSD students and felt students were underselling themselves.  It differs from some other resume templates in two main areas:

  • Including a relevant coursework section under educations where students can list the classes they have completed that are relevant to the positions they are applying to.  Why list this? Academic programs can vary greatly and you cannot assume that the person reading your resume knows what knowledge, skills, and experience you have gained just from the title of your major.
  • Including a projects section similar to an experience section where students can list the projects they have completed that are relevant to the positions they are apply to.  Why list this? This is often students' most relevant experience and many USP/RED courses have projects that are directly transferrable to the positions they are applying to such as creating GIS maps, evaluating planning documents, conducting a market analysis, creating pro formas in Excel, designing urban interventions, analyzing data, designing and conducting research projects, creating a development proposal, etc.  Additionally many soft skills can be highlighted in course projects such as team work, collaboration, leadership, time management, communication, public speaking, presentation skills, etc.
  • Do not assume the person reading your resume knows what a USP/RED major/minor entails and what you have learned and completed as part of your degree - make it explicit by listing this information.
  • Note: This suggestion applies to students and alumni seeking their first full-time career position.  Once alumni are looking for their second career position they should generally remove or shorten these sections on their resume.

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