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Finish in Four Curriculum

Updated: 05/29/19 with new Fall 2019 curriculum

The USP Major consists of 17 courses:

  • Four (5) lower division courses
  • Twelve (12) upper division courses

The following chart is a helpful guide to ensure successful completion of all required courses in time to graduate at the end of one's 4th year.





  • USP 1
  • USP 4
  • USP 2
  • USP 3
  • Political Science 30
  • USP 124
  • Research Methods Course
  • Technical Elective
  • USP Upper Division Elective
  • Foundation Course
  • USP Upper Division Elective
  • USP 186 (6 units)
  • USP Upper Division Elective
  • USP 187 (6 units)
  • USP Upper Division Elective
  • USP Upper Division Elective
  • USP Upper Division Elective


  • All USP courses taken to satisfy the major must be taken for a letter grade.
  • All USP courses for the major must receive no lower than a C-grade.
  • Completing the USP major is flexible. Courses can be taken in different academic years, except the one (1) required Research Methods Course must be taken junior year, and the senior sequence should be taken the last consecutive fall and winter quarter enrolled.
  • It is recommended that lower division courses be taken before upper division courses, but overlapping is allowed. 

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