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Senior Studio Capstone for Real Estate and Development Majors

One of the outstanding features of the real estate and development major is the upper-division capstone studio requirement. The Senior Studio Capstone (USP 185A & USP 185B) is designed to take the RED Major course material and put it into practice through a group comprehensive develpment plan. This is an opportunity for RED students to examine the highest and best use for a unique parcel of land while exploring different areas within the field of real estate and development. The Senior Studio Capstone culminates with a poster display at the Urban Expo in March.

In their senior year, all RED majors must complete the Capstone Studio Sequence: USP 185A in the fall, and USP 185B in the winter. These courses must be taken in order.

USP 185B is restricted to RED Seniors and has the following pre-requisite courses beginning Fall 2020:

  • USP 124
  • USP 151
  • USP 152
  • USP 153

Additionally, we suggest that you take your technical elective requirement before enroll in USP 185A.

Working in teams, the real estate and development studio develops each student’s ability to:

  1. critically approach the real estate finance, development and design process
  2. gather and manage complex sources of research and knowledge as part of an integrated team approach
  3. prepare a detailed pro forma financial analysis
  4. evaluate all site constraints and opportunities
  5. evaluate all market constraints and opportunities
  6. develop a complete urban design program
  7. develop a plan to market, lease, and/or sell the development
  8. analyze, interpret, and write up the findings

Each team will prepare a final written report and presentation drawings. 



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