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Curriculum for the RED Minor

The Real Estate and Development (RED) minor consists of seven courses (28 units). Students who wish to minor in Real Estate and Development may do so by taking two required lower-division courses, four required upper-division courses, and one upper-division elective. Courses selected need approval from the USP program adviser. Students can declare the minor online.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade and students must earn at least a "C-" in each course used for the minor. 

You can declare the minor using the major/minor tool.

Lower Division Requirements (8 Units)

  • USP 5: Introduction to the Real Estate and Development Process
  • USP 15: Applied Urban Economics for Planning and Development

Upper Division Requirements (20 units)

  • Four (4) foundation courses 
  • One (1) upper-division elective

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses provide the conceptual tools for the minor. Students are required to complete the following four (4) foundation courses:

  • USP 124: Land Use Planning
  • USP 150: Real Estate and Development Law and Regulation
  • USP 151: Real Estate Planning and Development
  • MGT 181: Enterprise Finance (Pre-requisites: MGT 3, MATH 10A, or 20A. Plus MGT 45 or both MGT4/Econ4 and MGT5. If you have questions about completing the pre-requisites, please see USP Advising.)

Upper Division Electives

Students are to choose one (1) of:

  • USP 120: Urban Planning, Infrastructure, and Real Estate
  • USP 137: Housing and Community Development Policy and Practice
  • USP 152: Real Estate Development Finance and Investment
  • USP 153: Real Estate and Development Market Analysis
  • USP 155: Real Estate Development in Global and Comparative Perspective
  • USP 170: Sustainable Planning
  • USP 171: Sustainable Development
  • USP 172: Graphics, Visual Communication, and Urban Information
  • USP 173: History of Urban Planning and Design
  • USP 175: Site Analysis
  • USP 177: Urban Design Practicum
  • USP 179: Urban Design, Theory, and Practice
  • USP 180: Transportation Planning
  • USP 181: Public Transportation
  • USP 191: GIS for Urban and Community Planning
  • MGT 112: Global Business Strategy
  • MGT 153: Business Analytics
  • MGT 157: Real Estate Securitization
  • MGT 158: Real Estate and the Tech Sector
  • MGT 162: Negotiation 
  • MGT 164: Business and Organizational Leadership
  • MGT 166: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • MGT 172: Business Project Management