The Real Estate & Development Major



Situated in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (USP), the new real estate and development (RED) major at UC San Diego is one of the most comprehensive undergraduate programs of its kind in the country. It recognizes that the next generation of real estate development innovators will need to understand the nexus between real estate finance and development, data analysis, urban planning and design, environmental regulations, and new technologies. It recognizes the importance of supplementing classroom instruction with professional development opportunities and uses the San Diego-Tijuana city-region as a living laboratory for hands-on, project-based learning.

A Bachelor of Science degree in real estate and development will be given to students who satisfactorily complete the general-education requirements of Muir, Revelle, Marshall, Warren, Roosevelt, or Sixth College in addition to the real estate and development courses described below. The undergraduate RED major requires seven lower division courses, ten upper-division courses and the required two-quarter Capstone Studio Sequence. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the lower-division requirements before they enroll in the upper-division courses.

Lower-division and upper-division requirements must be taken for a letter grade, and graded C- or higher to count toward the major. A 2.0 grade-point average is required for all courses in the major. You can declare the major using the major/minor tool.

Transfer students should see the USP student affairs advisor to determine whether courses taken elsewhere satisfy USP major requirements. No more than one special studies course, USP 198, USP 199, will be accepted to count towards the major. 

Full Curriculum for the RED Major

RED Capstone Studio Sequence

One of the outstanding features of the real estate and development major is the upper-division capstone studio requirement. In their senior year, all RED majors must complete the Capstone Studio Sequence: USP 185A in the fall, and USP 185B in the winter. These courses must be taken in order. Working in teams, the real estate and development studio develops each student’s ability to:

  1. critically approach the real estate finance, development and design process
  2. gather and manage complex sources of research and knowledge as part of an integrated team approach
  3. prepare a detailed pro forma financial analysis
  4. evaluate all site constraints and opportunities
  5. evaluate all market constraints and opportunities
  6. develop a complete urban design program
  7. develop a plan to market, lease, and/or sell the development
  8. analyze, interpret, and write up the findings
Each team will prepare a final written report and presentation drawings. The studio will culminate with a public presentation of the students’ work at USP’s annual Urban Expo held every March to showcase undergraduate research.