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Yael Shmaryahu- Yeshurun

USP Lecturer

Yael specializes in spatial policy and politics and political sociology. Her work explores how spatial policies and politics shape social relations and intersections of ethnonational, class, and religious groups, and how social groups respond to these policies and influence them back. She is a fellow for the Marie Skłodowska Curie-funded project (MSCA) on class and ethnicity intersectionality in gentrification process and minority activism in Latinx neighborhoods in the US. In her doctoral dissertation, completed in the department of administration and public policy at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel (2020), Yael investigates the connection between nationalism and neo-liberalism in the Israelis’ settlement policy in the periphery and mixed cities. She developed the term “State-Led Ethno-Gentrification” to describe the policy and its implications.
Postdoctoral Fellow Bar-Ilan University, 2021, Law. PhD Ben-Gurion University, 2020, Administration and Public Policy. MBA Ben-Gurion University, 2013, Business Administration in Social Leadership. BA (BSW) Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2010, Social Work and Social Welfare.