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About the USP Student Representative Program

Our Mission: We are peer student advisors who provide a space for USP/RED majors and minors to engage with the resources available to them and gain representation within the department.
As students we understand how overwhelming it can be to know where to look for information and opportunities; reps intend to be a student-led one stop shop for questions, concerns, and suggestions. 


Instagram: @uspredreps

Student Rep Spotlights

Faculty Spotlights

USP has a wonderful group of faculty, many of whom are deeply involved on campus, have won distinguished teaching awards, and work on some amazing research projects. The USP Student Representatives interview the USP faculty to learn more about them and their research.

Read Faculty Spotlights

Student Spotlights

Our students are leaders both on and off campus and the USP Student Representatives have started interviewing our students to learn more about the work they are doing both in and out of the classroom. Learn more about their internships, senior projects, as well as their involvement in student and professional organizations.

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Meet the Student Reps!



Lily Keefauver


Major(s) Minor(s): USP, SOC
Fav USP Class: USP 141A
Goals in USP: I want to explore food systems, climate justice., and take an urban design class .
Fun Fact: I like oatmeal.


Audrey Taylor

She/her senior


Major(s) Minor(s): USP
Fav USP Class: USP 191A
Goals in USP: I want to work towards increasing access to housing in San Diego!
Fun Fact: I’m scared of elevators.




Yana Alvarez

she/they Junior


Major(s) Minor(s): USP and Speculative Design
Fav USP Class: USP 179!
Goals in USP: Meet and network with other future urban planners and designers!
Fun Fact: I am the youngest out of 8 siblings !

Samantha Lee

SHE/HER Sophomore


Major(s) Minor(s): USP
Fav USP Class: USP 3
Goals in USP: I want to learn about community development and economic equity in cities!
Fun Fact: The back of my head is flat.



Katelyn Chen

SHE/HER Sophomore


Major(s) Minor(s): USP, ENVR
Fav USP Class: USP 3
Goals in USP: I want to learn how to make cities more accessible for everyone!
Fun Fact: I took tap dancing lessons for 10 years


Join the Student Reps!

Student Reps Peer Advising

Peer Advising is available both in-person and online during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Peer advising is a time to talk with another student in one of our majors and can be a great option if you have quick questions or want to talk through potentially minors, double majors, elective options, and more!

Peer Advising is now offered upon request for the remainder of the quarter. Please reach out to if you would like to set up a time to meet!