USP Courses

Below is a list of courses offered at UC San Diego that could be taken to fulfill the requirements for the USP major and minor and the RED major and minor. If you have questons, please contact the USP Program.


Courses for Spring 2018


Class Title Instructor
USP 3 City & Social Theory Bush, Barbara
USP 15 Econ. for RED Norr, Alexander
USP 100 Intro to Urban Planning Peerson, Susan
USP 109/ POLI 103A California Government & Politics

Fletcher, Nathan

USP 125 Des. Of Social Research Bergman, Matthew
USP 135/ ETHN 129 Imigrant Workers/Gbl. Econ Ho, Lisa
USP 141B Life Course - Capstone Lewis, Leslie
USP 145 Aging & Health Policy Lewis, Leslie
USP 152 Real Estate Finance & Dev. Moeder, Nathan
USP 153 Real Estate Market Analysis Edwards, Gregory
USP 171 Sustainable Development Hinds, Julibeth
USP 172 Graphics/Vis Comm. Peerson, Susan
USP 180 Transporation Planning Chavez, Richard
USP 189 Spec. Topics - Asian Urbanism Yang, Yang
USP 189 Spec. Topics - Advanced GIS Zaslavsky, Ilya
USP 191 GIS Wartell, Julie


Course Pre-authorization

Some courses may have prerequisites or restrictions. If you are interested in taking a USP course but do not meet the pre-requisites, you can request pre-authorization using the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).



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