Curriculum for the USP Minor

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Basic Information

The USP minor consists of seven (7) courses unique to the USP interdisciplinary curriculum, and must all be drawn from outside a student's department major, and selected with the prior approval of the USP student affairs advisor. 

All courses must be taken for a letter grade and students must earn at least "C-" in each course used for the minor.

USP Minor Requirements

  • Five (5) upper division courses from those that serve the USP major outside a student's department major
  • Two (2) courses chosen from among the list below:

Lower Division Courses

  1. USP 1 History of U.S. Urban Communities
  2. USP 2 Urban World System
  3. USP 3 City and Social Theory

Foundation Courses

  1. USP 100: Introduction to Urban Planning
  2. USP 102 Urban Economics (ECON 135)
  3. USP 103 American Cities in the Twentieth Century (HIUS 148)(may substitute USP 165/HIUS 147)
  4. USP 104 Ethnic Diversity and the City (ETHN 105)
  5. USP 105 Urban Sociology (SOCI 153)
  6. USP 106 The History of Race and Ethnicity in American Cities (HIUS 129)
  7. USP 107 Urban Politics (Poli Sci 102E)
  8. USP 124 Land Use Planning
  9. USP 173 History of Urban Planning & Design

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