USP Courses

Below is a list of courses offered at UC San Diego that could be taken to fulfill the requirements for the USP major and minor and the RED major and minor. If you have questons, please contact the USP Program.


Course Pre-authorization

Some courses may have prerequisites or restrictions. If you are interested in taking a USP course but do not meet the pre-requisites, you can request pre-authorization using the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).

New Courses for 2018-2019

USP 140: Healthy Placemaking (4)

This course introduces students to the concept and practice of "placemaking" - a collaborative process for creating public spaces that are vibrant, equitable, inclusive, and salutogenic. Students will gain an understanding of healthy placemaking as a strategy for building a more just and sustainable society.

USP 192: Advanced GIS for Urban Research (4)

Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as applied to urban studies. Learn to use the GIS software with a focus on data management, online GIS, elements of spatial statistics, technologies and models for spatial data integration to support urban research and decision-making.


Courses for Summer Session 2:

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