About the Student Rep Program

USP Student Representatives act as liaisons between students and faculty/staff, and act as resources to the USP undergrad community. 

Meet the Student Reps!

Academic Development Coordinators

Derek Van

Derek Van


Kristiana Cuevas

Kristiana Cuevas

Major: Urban Studies & Planning

Minor: Environmental Studies

Fun Fact: "I enjoy collecting cassettes and creating digital art"


Major: Global Health

Minor: Urban Studies and Planning

Fun Fact: "I have a cat name Miyuki"


Outreach and Awareness Coordinators

Stephanie EllsworkStephanie Ellsworth


John HarrisJohn Harris

Major: Urban Studies & Planning

Minor: Earth Science

Fun Fact: "I like to play ukulele"


Majors: Ecology and Urban Studies & Planning

Fun Fact: "One of my life goals is to build my own house"


Professional Resource Managers

Ryan Balba

Ryan Balba


Shanai Beime

Shanai Beime

Major: Urban Studies & Planning

Minor: Political Science

Fun Fact: "I win a lot of contests and giveaways!"


Majors: Urban Studies & Planning and Sociology

Fun Fact: "I quote Spongebob daily"


Social Media Management Coordinators

Jacqueline BrinkmannJacqueline Brinkmann


Sofia Nelson FereziSofia Nelson Ferezi

Major: Urban Studies & Planning

Fun Fact: "I have a total of ten piercings and two tattoos"


Majors: Urban Studies & Planning and International Studies

Fun Fact: "I can eat two Domino's pizzas by myself"


Student Engagement Coordinators

Elizabeth OwenElizabeth Owen


Danyi LiuDanyi Liu


Majors: Urban Studies & Planning and Environmental Systems

Fun Fact: "My first trip abroad will be me studing abroad this summer in Germany!"


Major: Urban Studies & Planning

Fun Fact: "Watermelon Lover!"