Finish in Two Curriculum for Transfer Students

The RED Major consists of 19 courses:

  • Seven (7) lower division courses
  • Twelve (12) upper division courses

The following chart is a helpful guide for transfer students to ensure successful completion of all required courses in time to graduate at the end of one's senior year.





  • USP 1 or USP 2in Winter
  • ECON 1
  • MATH 10A or MATH 20A or MGT 3
  • USP 124
  • USP 5
  • ECON 4 or MGT 4
  • USP 152
  • USP 15
  • MGT 5
  • RED Technical Elective
  • USP 151
  • USP 185A
  • RED Upper Division Elective
  • USP 150
  • USP 171
  • USP 185B
  • USP 153
  • MGT 172
  • RED Upper Division Elective


  • All RED courses taken to satisfy the major must be taken for a letter grade.
  • All RED courses for the major must receive no lower than a C-grade.
  • Completing the RED major is flexible. Courses can be taken in different academic years, except the RED Capstone Studio Sequence (USP 185A & 185B) which must be taken in order during the Fall and Winter of a student's senior year.
  • It is recommended that lower division courses be taken before upper division courses, but overlapping is allowed.

Additional Resources for Transfer Students